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Leite: A clara Crueldade não só com o Bezerro
Fátima Borges Pereira
“   Todos os animais mamíferos foram presenteados pela natureza com leite próprio para cada espécie. Por que só a espécie humana se alimenta e/ou alimenta seus "filhotes" com o ...”

Animal Liberation
Peter Singer
“The phrase "Animal Liberation" appeared in the press for the first time on the April 5, 1973, cover of The New York Review of Books. Under that heading, I discussed Animals, Men and Morals, ...”

Campanha de esterilização de gatos de rua: Associação Pelos Animais - Participe e Divulgue!
“Ajude quem ajuda! Veja como na secção não violência - ajuda ou aqui”

Peter Singer interviewed by JP Leider
JP Leider
“How does your idea of ethical animal treatment differ from what we see in practice today? I think it differs in a lot of ways. The largest is, of course, that we regard animals as things to use ...”

A Vegetarian Philosophy
Peter Singer
“Issues regarding eating meat were highlighted in 1997 by the longest trial in British legal history. McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's ...”

The emotional Self: main obstacle to Non-violence [2]
Joep Ingen Housz
“In the first article on Non-violence[1] I have explained that if one aspires to attain ultimate happiness and liberation it is imperative to adopt Non-violence as a guiding principle for life. ...”

Non-violence [1] - The Heart of Dharma
Joep Ingen Housz
“With this article I respond to the appeal of my heart to share one of my most profound beliefs with others. Like other beings I am not free from the suffering of Samsara, but I consider myself a ...”

Vegetarianismo Ético
Maria Pinto Teixeira
“Peter Singer, no início do seu mundialmente famoso livro “Libertação Animal”, por muitos considerado a Bíblia do vegetarianismo, conta um episódio passado no Reino Unido em que uma defensora dos ...”

Poem of Animals on Eating Meat
Tulku Pema Wangyal
“Now for a tasty bit of meat, you think, Cooked with fragrant spices... But for us that means terror and unbearable agony As you wrench the dear life from our dear bodies In an inferno of flames. ...”

Animal Experimentation: Point Counterpoint
“Animal experimenters want us to believe that if they gave up their archaic habit, children and other disease and accident victims would drop dead in droves. However, the most significant trend in ...”

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