Miguel Homem at the Ganges river

Miguel Homem studied Tantra Yoga and Meditation with Dada Dhyanananda, deepened his knowledge of asana through Iyengar practice of Yoga, completed the teacher training course with Pedro Kupfer in Brazil and studies Vedanta in Dayananda's Ashram in Rishikesh (India) with  Pujya Swami Dayananda. Since 2007, Miguel studies Yoga and Ayurveda with Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley, American Institute of Vedic Studies) and learned the art of Thai Yoga Massage with Choezem Emchi.

Miguel teaches Yoga classes since September 2002. He teaches Yoga as a whole, according to the Vedic Tradition, teaches Traditional Hatha Yoga according to ancient texts and Karma, Bhakti and JŮana Yoga according to the Advaita Vedanta tradition of Ady Shankaracharya. He still learns, always, with Swami Dayananda and his teacher and great friend Pedro Kupfer.

Besides teaching private and group Yoga classes, Miguel teaches courses and conducts retreats, writes articles for Yoga sites, is a member of the editorial counsil of Cadernos de Yoga magazine and edits the site www.dharmabindu.com, with Yoga and Dharma related contents. More than anything, Miguel's main purpose is to to pass on to other people the Vedic Dharma according to which he lives.

In December 2006, created the group Mangalam, that chants devocional Hindus mantras, Kirtan e Bhajans.

Swami Dayananda Pedro Kupfer & ¬ngela
Swami Dayananda Pedro Kupfer & ¬ngela


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9H30   Yoga   Yoga  
13H00     Yoga    
19H00   Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga
19H30 Yoga
20H30 Yoga   Yoga  
21H30     Sat Sanga    

  1. Besides the two classes he is entitled to attend, the student can attend to any other classes he pleases, as long as there is place for him in the room.
  2. Sat Sanga is a Yoga meeting that takes place every week on Wednesday, from 21.30h to 23h, to sing kirtan (mantras), answer to studentís doubts related to the practice and all Yoga subjects, as well as to study the teachings of JŮana Yoga, including the Bhagavad Gita. In these meetings we will count with the presence of Paulo Vieira, percussionist, who will play his percussion instruments and Miguel will play his tampura and shruti box. Other musical contributions are welcome.
  3. Sat Sanga is free and open to everyone, even to non-students.
  4. Yoga FS - Free Style

    These are non-oriented classes. The teacher will be always present to adjust, correct, suggest alterations and create an environment of reflexion and research, vichara, during the practice. The student will do his practice by himself or, if necessary, with the help of the teacher. The purpose of these classes is to develop self-sufficiency and to enjoy the personal practice under the friendly and stimulating attention of the teacher. Under the orientation of the teacher, the students will try to develop a practice that serves their individuality, according to their different doshas (bio-types from Ayurveda).

    New students will do the same kind of practice. Each new class they will be teached new techniques that they can progressively memorize and hence build their own practice. We believe these practices will contribute to free the student, since the beginning, of the dependency from the teacher.

    The student should arrive in the first 20 minutes of the practice, and then leave when convenient.


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