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Vedānta and Vedic Astrology with Arvind Pare
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5th October, - Vedic Astrology | 1-hour OPEN Talk introducing Vedic Astrology | Open day for Vedic Astrology readings

Vedic Astrology: Astrology or Jyotish as practiced in India has its origin in the Vedas. However, it was perhaps limited to finding an auspicious time for performing vedic rituals. Later, the subject developed by reading the karma of an individual in the movement astronomical bodies. Astrology is therefore a language to decode individual karma. We can call it Applied Astronomy. In this session we will learn some basics. With some background, one can relate better to one's reading and appreciate how predictions are made.
Each reading takes about an hour and 50€ per reading.

6th Friday - Open talk and introduction to the Series of talks in Yoga Philosophy with Arvind Pare of Mysore, India - 21h

7th and 8th October, Saturday and Sunday.

9.00h - Meditation and Talk
10.30h - break
11.15h - Talk
12.30h - break for Lunch
15.00h - Talk
16.00h - Q & A.
16.30h - Namaste!
Talks will be on:

An Introduction to Indian Culture: Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian classical music and many indian dance forms such as Bharata Natyam have become well-known throughout the world. These cultural forms have their origin in Veda. We will look into some of the more profound and fascinating aspects of Indian culture which manifest the Vedic vision.
OM: Its Meaning and Importance: OM is one symbol that every yogi and yogini knows. Many classes begin and end with OM. It is at the beginning of every mantra we chant. It is there on the walls of every shala, on the t-shirts and exists as a tattoo on many-a forearms, but what does it really mean? and why it is considered so important?
Upanishads, an Introduction: Upanishads are philosophical dialogues found at the end of the 4 Vedas establishing Advaita (Non-duality) as the undeniable nature of Reality. Upanishads reveal that the essential reality of I (the individual), the world (the total) and Ishwara (the creator of the world, if there is one) is one and the same (advaita, non-dual). This understanding of reality leads to absolute freedom from sorrow.
Meditation: Meditation is called Dhyana in Sanskrit. In BhagavadGita, chapter 6 is called Dhyana Yoga, as Dhyana is the topic of this chapter and is discussed elaborately here. We will look into the steps Lord Krishna has outlined which are very helpful to understand the practical aspects like how to sit, how to breathe, what to meditate upon etc. The chapter also addresses general tendencies of a human mind and how to overcome them.
Law of Karma and Yoga Life: Is life pre-destined or do we have a free will? Is there some truth to reincarnation or is it a mere superstition? Where does Yoga fit into this? - we will look into some of the relevant verses from Gita and some sutras from Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali to gain clarity on this important topic.
Yoga in Bhagavad-Gita: Gita is considered both brahma-vidya (teaching of self-knowledge) and yoga-sastra (teaching of yoga). Chapter 2 contains two important definitions of Yoga. When understood and assimilated, they become a guide to leading a happy life.

About Arvind


Arvind Pare has been teaching classes in Yoga Philosophy in Gokulam, Mysore for the past three years. His evening sessions on Bhagavad-Gita and weekly talks on yoga-related topics are very popular among students. Prior to this, he lived for 15 years in ashrams learning Vedanta from his teacher Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Arvind has masters degree in Engineering and Business Administration from USA where he spent 12 years. His effective use of language and adherence to traditional methods of teaching allows him to communicate most complex concepts to his students, who range from beginners to yoga teachers.

Prices and registration:

Complete series (6 talks): 100€
1 day (3 talks): 65€
Early bird until the 31st July get a 10€ discount for the complete series and 5€ for the 1 day option.
Registrations after the 25th September will have a 20€ surcharge for the complete series and 10€ for the one day option.
Registrations must be made by email and confirmed with the payment upon receiving all the coordinates. Places are limited so register in advance.
REGISTER HERE: | +351 919022578

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