Swami Muktananda ji (Satsangs in Rishikesh)
Gonçalo Correia

In 2004 I had the opportunity of going 5 months and alone to India for intense Yoga Sadhana. 

I was blessed for participating in the Christmas Retreat in Shivananda Ashram where I met Swami Muktanandaji.

After that, I started to participate in the Satsangs, near the Ganga, in the Shivananda Yoga Hall. I had thirst for knowledge so I tried to take notes of swamiji's teachings but some how that "was not working out".

Then I simply decided not to take notes. I started to listen, I trusted and learned what is to be in silence. To my surprise after the satsangs, I remembered most of the teachings! So I started to meditate every day and taking notes after the Satsangs.

After compiling and reviewing those pearls of Advaita and real meditation, with swamiji's permission, I'm sharing these advaitic lectures with everyone.

The introduction is from, and the photos were taken by the same author of the website. Thanks to Yasmin.

Gonçalo Correia, Porto (Portugal), 2010

Swami Muktananda ji
(Satsangs in Rishikesh) 

Waking, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness

In deep sleep, after deep sleep we wake up and feel happy, full of energy. But we don't know from were that energy comes. We are not aware, I mean, the mind don't know, the ego don't know. So, its other dimension of joy and happiness on wich the mind don't interfere, don't know. Hum... interesting.
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Who is the "I am"?
In order to know who is the "I" we need to know the "I am". The wave looking to the other waves see them as waves. The wave can never become the ocean unless the wave is aware she is water, her essence is water. Ho… And the ocean is water. Gee...
The waves exist because of the ocean. The wave exists because of the water.

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What you really Are is inseparable from Peace and Silence
When we rest in that inner peace which is silence inside, our thoughts became clear and there are no place for confusion and delusion in our mind. Bliss takes place. However, sometimes we can think that that bliss comes from the thoughts. In this sense we identify bliss with thoughts in our mind or sometimes with the experience on the sensorial level, the external world. Then, instead of resting inside we rest on the thoughts, on the sensorial experience. Sooner or later suffering and confusion comes, because thoughts come and go. The source of bliss, Bliss himself comes from inside, not outside. Inside to outside. Unless we cannot feel it, it's to difficult to live. When we feel it everything becomes clear.

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Swamiji sayings Truth and Life
"Beyond the world of names and forms there is God. God using a mask, this universe."

"Love, true love is Advaita"

"That which creates time is that light of Truth believing in the world of images."

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