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Dr. Cousens
Dr. Cousens

There was a time when dairy was considered “rasa” or the subtle energy of richness, sweetness, and delight. In India, for example the general population would regularly have a little amount of dairy. This small amount was a way of supplying B12. The cows were treated with a great deal of love and respect. The milk was given freely and they were milked by human hands. Even so, Swami Muktananda, a world-acknowledged master in Kundalini and Shaktipat transmission, taught that all dairy clogs the nadis (subtle energy channels).

In this context, it is important to understand that “you cannot eat your way to god.” A healthy vegan live food diet is best for turning your body into a superconductor for the divine; however this does not necessarily mean that if you eat dairy products you will not become liberated.

The focus of this article is to clear some of the confusion about the purity, harmlessness, and safety of consuming dairy products. This includes organic and raw unpasteurized dairy. Dairy products include milk, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, and whey from lactating animals. Stopping dairy intake is not just about our personal health, but is also associated with the prevention of cruelty to cows and the protection of the ecology & energy of the planet. In this context, going vegan is a call to put our own self-serving or narcissistic needs aside and move toward elevating planetary healing. We can do this by choosing a diet that serves both the healing of the planet and ourselves.

The “rasa” time is gone, which you can see if you take a new look at the way the dairy industry has changed this historically acceptable practice. It is interesting today that many yogis from India refuse to drink milk in the U.S. One of my mentors, the famous nutritionist, Paavo Airola PhD would never eat or drink dairy in the U.S. because of the intolerable cruelty to dairy cows as well as the other problems associated with commercial or even raw dairy!

For spiritual and environmental reasons, dairy has become “ama.” For eye-opening and heart-stopping details and visual treatment of cows, watch the film “Earthlings.” You will quickly understand how cruelly cows are treated before being killed for meat and “Indian leather.” The relationship India once had with the “Sacred Cow” has sadly changed the animal’s milk from “rasa” to “ama” or pure toxins. Today, although you can get “organic raw milk,” it is very difficult to get noncommercial, real grass-fed, free-range organic milk. Even with the best grass fed milk there are no guarantees of purity and, of course, the cows are still milked artificially. Whether raw or pasteurized, there are opioids (casomorphins) in it that make it easier for humans to be addicted to milk. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. in his book Breaking the Food Seduction, the strongest morphinogenic compound in dairy is as powerful as 1/10th the power of pure morphine.

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