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All Animals Are Equal
Peter Singer
Não Violência
“In recent years a number of oppressed groups have campaigned vigorously for equality. The classic instance is the Black Liberation movement, which demands an end to the prejudice and discrimination ...”

On Oudry, Animal Liberation, and Jailing Animal Activists as Terrorists
Peter Singer
Não Violência
“Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s exhilarating 18th century painting of Clara the rhinoceros, now on exhibit at the Getty as part of a show of his work, The Painted Menagerie, merits endless wonderment in its ...”

Tribunal proibe a emissão de Touradas na RTP...
Não Violência
“Tribunal de Lisboa proíbe RTP de emitir "44.ª Corrida TV" no próximo Domingo antes das 22h30m e sem a difusão permanente de um indicativo visual apropriado que a apresente como um programa ...”

Animal Liberation
Peter Singer
Não Violência
“The phrase "Animal Liberation" appeared in the press for the first time on the April 5, 1973, cover of The New York Review of Books. Under that heading, I discussed Animals, Men and Morals, ...”

Poem of Animals on Eating Meat
Tulku Pema Wangyal
Não Violência
“Now for a tasty bit of meat, you think, Cooked with fragrant spices... But for us that means terror and unbearable agony As you wrench the dear life from our dear bodies In an inferno of flames. ...”

Animal Experimentation: Point Counterpoint
Não Violência
“Animal experimenters want us to believe that if they gave up their archaic habit, children and other disease and accident victims would drop dead in droves. However, the most significant trend in ...”


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