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The emotional Self: main obstacle to Non-violence [2]
Joep Ingen Housz
Não Violência
“In the first article on Non-violence[1] I have explained that if one aspires to attain ultimate happiness and liberation it is imperative to adopt Non-violence as a guiding principle for life. ...”

Non-violence [1] - The Heart of Dharma
Joep Ingen Housz
Não Violência
“With this article I respond to the appeal of my heart to share one of my most profound beliefs with others. Like other beings I am not free from the suffering of Samsara, but I consider myself a ...”

On Death and Dharma
Joep Ingen Housz
““Live like you will die tomorrow and learn to live eternally” Mahatma Gandhi In our western society death is considered by many as a morbid issue and is mostly treated as a ...”


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